About Us

CebuNews.ph is a premier online-only news publication that focuses on Cebu’s breaking news and top stories. The site publishes the latest news in Cebu even before these get published by local newspapers. We aim to be the top destination for people looking for the latest news in Cebu.

CebuNews.ph covers breaking news, top stories, community news, business news, sports, campus updates, police stories, and lifestyle events. Our goal is to cover all of the events taking place in Cebu to keep our readers fully informed of the latest news.

Managed and operated by Cebuano journalists, CebuNews.ph ensures the integrity and reliability of the news we publish. With practicing journalists as reporters and correspondents, readers are assured that the news we publish are factual, fair, comprehensive, and adhere to the tenets of journalism.


Editorial Team

MW Woo
Editor in Chief

MW Woo is a Cebu-based professional journalist with over 15 years of experience covering business, politics, breaking stories, and more. He has covered events around the Philippines and abroad and was among the delegates to the Cebu trade mission in South American countries Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

MW Woo oversees the day-to-day editorial operation of CebuNews.ph

Christian Wakefield
Online News Editor

Christian Wakefield is a Filipino-American journalist based in Cebu. Having worked in prestigious publications in the US for over 10 years, Christian Wakefield returns to Cebu to help launch CebuNews.ph. He is tasked to check all news items before they get published online.